You can use our in-house equipment to create the perfect setting for your event. Or talk to our partner, Party.Rent, about any special requests or equipment you need. Enhance your event by adding some suitable decor, lighting, or additional furniture, such as banquet tables, bars and platforms.


The Billrothhaus has a stair lift and a lift. There is also a separate toilet for people with limited mobility. Our reception staff are always available to answer any questions or provide assistance.

Food Handling Room

Modern facilities to ensure the seamless provision of catering services: Just like all our other rooms, the Food Handling Room at the rear of the Billrothhaus is a flexible space. Here, your catering partner can manage all their preparations with the necessary calm (kitchenette unit with fridge, high-voltage power). You can also use the room to store equipment and materials for your event.
Area: 30m², L/W/H: 5.6/5.3/5 m

LED spotlights

Use our special, decorative lighting effects to add colour to your event.

Eurolite UP-4 battery powered lighting; powerful uplight with 4 x 8 W 4in1 LED and remote control (6 units). Colours can be chosen individually.

Legamaster e-Screen

The latest addition to our technical equipment – the 75” touch screen is the perfect gadget for your event! Use our Legamaster e-screen for PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, videos and much more. The versatility of the Legamaster makes it the perfect addition to your event.

  • The interactive touch screen and Full HD resolution will allow your speakers to explore new ways of presenting.
  • Use programmes and room plans to let your guests know the exact schedule for your event.
  • Create an attractive platform for your sponsors by displaying their company logos or corporate videos.
  • Use a social wall to invite your attendees to interact with you via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.
  • More guests than you expected? Use the Legamaster to live stream your event from the Ceremonial Hall to one of our other rooms.

Key technical features of the Legamaster e-Screen:

  • Infrared touch screen technology
  • Built-in speakers
  • Automatic brightness adjustment
  • Plug and play functionality
Other equipment
  • Acrylic glass partitions (2)
  • Bistro tables (3)
  • Break bells (2)
  • Buffet tables (4, L=180cm, W=80cm)
  • Coat rack, mobile (1)
  • Cocktail tables (15)
  • Coffee machines (automatic, 2) + cups (limited quantity)
  • Coffee table (black, 1)
  • Conference phones (2)
  • Covers for cocktail tables (white, 30)
  • Display stands for name tags (2, front side 29.7 x 8.5 cm; 2, front side 42 x 15 cm)
  • Fans, mobile (5)
  • Flipcharts (4, H=95 x W=70 cm)
  • Heaters, mobile (4)
  • Headset (1)
  • JBL Bluetooth Partybox speakers (1)
  • Leather armchairs (black, 3)
  • Leather armchairs (dark brown, 2)
  • Leather sofas (1 black, 1 white)
  • Moderator’s briefcase
  • Pinboards (6 pieces, H=145 x W=120 cm)
  • Podium, mobile (1)
  • Signage system (directional arrows, poster stands, etc.)
  • Stage (L=80cm, W=80cm, H=18cm)
  • Stools (black, 3)
  • Tablecloths (white, various sizes, 26)
  • Water glasses (100)
  • Wine glasses, universal (50)



On request, we can advertise your event at the Billrothhaus by adding it to the event calendar on our website*

* We reserve the right to reject the request if there are valid reasons to do so.
Catering at the Billrothhaus

Our carefully selected catering partners offer speciality dishes, premium quality and outstanding customer service. From regional cuisine for your green event to a lovingly designed buffet for a board meeting or canapés for a conference – our superb catering partners are reliable, flexible and familiar with the set-up of the Billrothhaus and can provide it all.

Your satisfaction is important to us – so you always have free choice of catering and can bring any catering service you like to the Billrothhaus! We would be happy to help you choose a caterer.

Catering collaborations 2024 (PDF)

DFP accreditation

The College of Physicians in Vienna is an accredited provider of further training as part of the programme for certified further training [Diplomfortbildungsprogramm, DFP] of the Austrian Academy of Physicians [Akademie der Ärzte]. You can obtain accreditation for your medical event through us. After the event, we will credit the DFP accounts of your attendees with the relevant DFP points.*

* We reserve the right to reject the request if there are valid reasons to do so.
Guided tour with a focus on medical history (German or English)

Our librarian brings medical history to life: discover exciting, interesting and amusing facts about the history of the College of Physicians in Vienna and the Billrothhaus and its architecture.

HD video recording

On request, we will do a video recording of your event at the Billrothhaus. Our staff will take care of the recording (two cameras) and post-production and will also provide the video data and upload the video to (webcasting, video on demand). Equipment included.

Invitation and registration

We are happy to provide you with our registration system for your event. Registered participants will automatically receive a confirmation via e-mail along with their ticket or participation link. Additionally, through our communication channels (newsletter and social media), we can further promote your event.*

* We reserve the right to reject the request if there are valid reasons to do so.
Live streaming

Use live streaming to share your event with interested audiences beyond the Billrothhaus. We will broadcast your event in real time via and can provide the software, technology and staff required.

Newsletter advertisement

Promote your event with an advertisement in the newsletter of the College of Physicians in Vienna. The newsletter is sent out at the end of the month and reaches an audience of more than 4,000 doctors.*

* We reserve the right to reject the request if there are valid reasons to do so.
Photography services

The Billrothhaus has an experienced in-house photographer who is available to photograph your event at a preferential rate. Including processing and sharing of your photos via

Promotion on social media

Will you be using social media to promote your event at the Billrothhaus? On request, we can help you by sharing a post through our own profile @billrothhaus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn (short text, photo and link to your website).*

* We reserve the right to reject the request if there are valid reasons to do so.